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The following partners support The Big Data Academy in our strategy to scale up our impact with Data. With these partner we build up the knowledge in the data domain. Together we are able to replicate this knowledge by sharing it via masterclasses and trainings. These partners extend our data portfolio to cover data fundamental theory and technology.

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Harvest, the talent incubator connects the top 5% of software and data engineers to the most innovative IT projects. Within their unique multi-company talent programs their talents are key and they will be coached and trained by experts. Harvest’s goal here is to give talents an unforgettable year in which their career gets a huge boost.

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D8A Directors

D8A believes that data innovation is the next wave in the data space. D8A is an initiative by data experts with over 20 years of experience. We know what works and what doesn’t. By combining our expertise and working with partners, we challenge the status quo and drive progress. We do not deliver what companies ask, we deliver what companies need. 

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Aurai, conductors of change and information mechanics. We engineer your company’s future through simplifying, organising and automating data. Your time is maximised by receiving the automated knowledge effortlessly and enacting better processes on a foundation of relevant, reliable and durable information. With an ever-expanding supply of career data engineers, architects and scientists, we offer detailed technological and automated solutions to turn your information into daily actionable knowledge. 

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Looking for a Partnership?

The Big Data Academy is looking for partnerships with trainers or organisations to extend the masterclass and training portfolios. Are you a trainer or organisation and offering masterclasses or trainings, let’s connect. We are looking forward to partner in creating even more impact by data!