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During my career I worked for several consultancy companies in the Netherlands; Avanade, MIcompany, Accenture and Navara before I started The Big Data Consultancy. Whereas The Big Data Academy is a subsidiary of The Big Data Consultancy. In all whose years a have seen great organisations and did even more beautiful project at those clients. The following page presents an overview of the projects I have done.

The Big Data Consultancy - Schiphol Group Client

Senior Data Engineer Core Data Platform

The Big Data Consultancy | jun ’21 – aug ’22

The Core Data Platform is the Big Data Analytics Data Platform of Schiphol Group. In the Core Data Platform team I was responsible for the implementation of this Core Data Platform.
Architecting new features to improve the platform and onboarding all data within Schiphol, from screen caps to IOT sensor data in the terminal. As senior data engineer I was the expert on every single functionality of the platform.

Technology Stack: Python, Databricks, Spark, Kafka, Scala, Gitlab CI/ CD, Docker, Azure, Kubernetes

The Big Data Consultancy - Alliander Client

Senior Data Engineer Automatic Grid Tool

Navara | jun ’20 – may ’21

Within the team GVRN Analytics at Alliander, I was responsible for successfully
bringing the automatic grid tool to production and for improving the overall quality of
the solution. This automatic grid tool supports grid engineers in automatically
designing utility traces. With this tool grid engineers can work 2-3x more efficiently
and therefore get more work done in the same period. In my role as senior data
engineer, I monitored the quality of the product and supported the team further
improving the technical solution to increase the robustness and meet the standards.

Technology Stack: Python, (FAST)API, Gurobi, Docker, Jenkins, C#

The Big Data Consultancy - Salarise Client

Data Solution Architect & Engineer

Navara | dec ’20 – may ’21

Salarise P2P loan platform is a platform to loan money from private investors via your
payslip. In my role as data architect, I created a data platform to get insights and an
overview of the investors and borrowers. Together with my team, I implemented this
solution successfully for the client.

Technology Stack: Python, Azure, ADF, Azure DevOps, SQL

The Big Data Consultancy - Homerr Client

Data Solution Architect & Engineer

Navara | sep ’20 – may ’21

Homerr is the fastest growing sustainable logistic network of the Netherland. To
monitor their parcel flow through their network I was responsible for a data
architecture and implementation to process their scan events to real-time follow their
KPI’s. Most important to this implementation was to create a scalable platform, to
handle their double digits growth over the months.

Technology Stack: Python, Azure EventHub, Azure, ADF, Pyspark, Azure DevOps, SQL

The Big Data Consultancy - ABN Amro Client

Senior Data Engineer Virtual Assistant

Navara | jan ’20 – jun ’20

In the virtual assistant team of ABN AMRO, I was in the role of senior data engineer
responsible for the integration and automation of the chatbot. I worked closely
together with the product owner to deploy the virtual Assistant further into the
organisation and improve her behaviour.

Technology stack: Python, AWS, IBM Watson, Splunk, Azure DevOps

The Big Data Consultancy - Eneco Client

Lead Data Engineer deeb Platform

Navara | sep ’18 – dec ’19

In the Eneco DEEB development team, I was the senior data engineer who was in the
lead of the development of the data analytics platform ‘DEEB’. My responsibilities
within the team were, the architecture, the implementation of the data pipelines and
implementation of the energy cost data model and API. From September 2019, I was
in charge as product owner and led to successfully deliver the project. In this crucial
end phase of the project, I managed the client and my team of 6 FTE to create an
impactful solution for the client.

Technology stack: Python, Pyspark, R, Airflow, Azure, API, PostgreSQL, Docker

The Big Data Consultancy - Transavia Client

Project Lead & Expert Data Driven Decision

Accenture | jan ’15 – aug ’18

In my role as project lead of “Data-driven working”, I was responsible for the
implementation of data driven working approach at Transavia. I led the governance of
this approach but was also technical lead on the implementation itself. With the team
we rolled-out a self-service dashboarding tool, implemented dashboards and trained
the organisation how to use the tool.

Technology stack: Python, Airflow, Azure, SQL, Power BI, Synapse Analytics

The Big Data Consultancy - KPN Client

Forecast Expert

MIcompany | jan ’14 – dec ’14

As a forecast consultant, l was responsible for the implementation of a new forecasting
methodology for the KPN mobile subscriptions. It was my task to support the technical
team implementing the forecast algorithm in the right way, in the new tooling,

Technology stack: IBM TM1, SQL Server

The Big Data Consultancy - NS Client

Data Engineer & ROI Forecast Expert

MIcompany | apr ’13 – dec ’13

In my role as technical lead, I designed and implemented a data platform to load the
data on daily bases to show the KPI’s in a dashboard to the management. With these
dashboards NS could see and forecast how their subscription evolve over time and
other relevant dimensions.
I was also responsible for the implementation of the ROI tool. This ROI tool could
calculate the ROI prior to the marketing campaign and afterwards these marketing
campaigns could be evaluated.

Technology stack: R, SQL Server, Reporting

The Big Data Consultancy - Gasunie Client

Data Engineer Gastransport Data Warehouse

Avanade | dec ’11 – mar ’13

At the Gasunie project I was responsible for the implementation of several data
pipelines to migrate the data to a new gas transport data warehouse. Besides the
implantation of these data pipelines, I created dashboards to create insights in the gas

Technology stack: SQL Server, ETL, Power Pivot