The Big Data Academy


The Big Data Academy offers a couple of standard masterclasses and still extending our Masterclass portfolio on market needs. If you need a customised masterclass or training that is not listed, please contact us about the possibilities!

CI/ CD Masterclass

A full day masterclass about the the theory of DevOps and in more particular CI/ CD. But this masterclass is mainly focussed on building your first CI/ CD pipeline with Gitlab CI/ CD. With building a pipeline you will experience the many advantages of CI/ CD yourself to apply in your current project!


  • Some fundamental preparation materials
  • Theory of DevOps
  • Theory of CI/ CD
  • 2 CI/ CD assignments
  • 5 CI/ CD programming assignments to build your first pipeline in Gitlab CI/ CD

Git Essentials Masterclass

A half-day masterclass of the essentials of the leading Version Control System (VCS) Git. We focus on the theory and assignments, to collaborate on 1 repo together! Pull, Add, Commit and Push impact in the collaboration of your team!


  • Theory of Version Control System
  • What is Git
  • The standard Git commands
  • Advanced and Tricky git commands

Infrastructure as code Masterclass

In a full day masterclass we go into depth of how we can build and destroy Infrastructure with code. By building infrastructure with code resources can be (re)created as you define, and even destroy with one click!


  • Theory of Infrastructure as Code
  • Benefits of Infrastructure as Code
  • 5 assignment to create Cloud resources

Python Masterclass

Python is the programming language used by data engineers. This masterclass gives overview and assignments to learn the basics in Python within 1 day (or 2 days). Depending on the needs and background we can adapt this training to focus on topics or go into more depth on some topics.


  • What is Python
  • Your IDE and virtual environment
  • 1 assignment to setup
  • Object oriented programming
  • 2 assignments to program
  • Data manipulation
  • 2 assignments to manipulate data
  • Testing
  • 1 assignment to write your own test

SQL Masterclass

SQL is definitely the most fundamental skill for data engineers and even people that work with data at all. These masterclass is the example of learn by doing. After this masterclass can write SQL and can join your way through data!


  • The basic elements of SQL
  • 8 assignments on the basic elements
  • Advanced elements of SQL
  • 2 assignments on advanced elements
  • How you can use SQL together with other tools

Big Data Streaming Masterclass

Big Data defined by the 4, 5 or even more V’s is a well-known concept in data world, but what tools and techniques do you use. In this 1 day masterclass we zoom in how big data changes the way we process data.


  • Big Data, why is it different
  • Spark processing data
  • 2 assignments with Spark
  • Advanced elements of SQL
  • Streaming data with Kafka
  • 2 assignments with Kafka

Customised Masterclasses

The masterclass overview is our current portfolio in what we can offer. We can change or adapt these masterclass to training needs. Contact us about the possibilities of customised Masterclass, presentations, trainings or knowledge sessions.

Looking for a Partnership?

The Big Data Academy is looking for partnerships with trainers to extend the masterclass portfolio. Are you a trainer an offering masterclass or trainings in let’s connect and we are looking forward to partner in creating even more impact by educating!