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My Story

I started The Big Data Academy in March 2021 with the idea to create even more Impact with Data than I can do individually. During my employment as a Data Consultant, I learned a lot and applied it in several projects. Although applying it on projects is limit, because it simply doesn’t not scale. With The Big Data Academy I try scale my knowledge and Impact with Data even more!

I’m Roy de Groot, currently 35 years old and living in Utrecht. During my bachelor and master’s study Computer Science in Utrecht, I founded my passion for Data. With more than 12 years experience in the data field. I’m a reliable person who loves to work accurately on challenging trainings and projects.


During high school I was extremely interested in computer and the course computer science. After high school graduation, it was an easy choice to star my Computer Science study at Utrecht University. With my bachelor degree in the pocket in the nominal three years, I decided to pursue at University Utrecht with the master Computing Science, but with a strong focus on Algorithmic Data Analysis. In those 2 years of my research master I laid the of my data career. My master’s theses was about Twitter sentiment analysis.


The first years of my career were about learning tools and technologies and how you apply these to help clients. In contrast to my years at the university, where problems were theoretical and abstract, I could really create impact with building technical data solutions. During my consultancy years at Avanade, MIcompany, Accenture and Navara, I combined my consultancy skills with my deep technology knowledge. In the last couple of years I was the lead data engineer and/ or architect of the implementation of data platforms at several clients in the Netherlands.

Private life

In my private life I like to be active and push my own boundaries. Exploring new sports and improving myself gives me energy. I achieved some great goals, however the road to achieve those goals gives me a greater fulfilment than actually the achievement itself. Running a marathon, cycling the Stelvio were great experiences to train and actively look to the limits of my own body.

Feedback & Reviews

I’m really thankful that some professor’s and colleagues left some feedback and quotes about me!

“He is a reliable colleague on which you definitely can count on. With his experience and knowledge he is a great expert for every organisation”


“Roy took the responsibility to lead the project and he exceeded expectations in the delivery of the project ”


“He is real cowboy in the good sense of the word, He manages to really get things done, where others struggle.”

Former colleague

What Can I Do for You?

Thank you for reading about me, but how can I help you? Please connect a see how we can work together!

Need Advice?

In my role as Lead Data Engineer and Data Architect, I lead and advice clients in their way to be more data driven. Please reach out in case you have a challenging data opportunity or need advice on any data traject.