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Creating Impact with Data

With The Big Data Academy, I scale my impact by sharing my knowledge in masterclasses, trainings and in consulting projects. As a Lead Data Engineer & Data Architect with over 10 years of experience in data field I create impact with Data. I support organisations with their Data implementations and by sharing my knowledge and experience in Data & Software trainings and masterclasses.

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What The Big Data Academy does

Creating Impact with Data in three ways; developing, architecting and educating

I Develop.

As Data Engineer I develop data solutions for companies. With a background in Computing Science and Algorithmic Data Analysis I can easily combine and apply software and data principles in implementing impactful data solutions.

I Architect.

With years of experience in the data field, and the implementation of data solutions at several big corporates and startups, I can oversee and create technical architectures of innovative Big Data solutions.

I Educate.

I share my knowledge and experience in trainings and masterclasses to educate organisations and people in data. By teaching tools and techniques, I can even make more impact with The Big Data Academy than I can do with developing and architecting.

Need Advice?

Challenging Data opportunities, interested in one of the masterclasses of The Big Data Academy, or want to discuss customised masterclasses, please reach out via our Contact page.

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The Big Data Academy

With The Big Data Academy I provide masterclasses to organisations, both in soft and hard skills. For more information on which masterclasses are offered check out The Big Data Academy page.

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“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein